понеділок, 27 лютого 2017 р.

Palermo Sunday - Steve McCurry and photo exhibitions of 2016

Welcome to the new series - Palermo Sunday. It's more of a youtube series, because I'm really enjoying making Sunday vlogs, but I'm in the mood to extend this habit also to my blog.

So keep reading to see my first Sunday vlog, some photos and my ode to Steve McCurry - a genius photographer I've been admiring for years.


As I already wrote on numerous occasions, photography is one of my biggest passions in life.

I've got the "photography bug" from my dad, and one of my first memories in life is of him developing his black and white photos in the red light. So every time I have an opportunity to take one more photography class or see one more photography exhibition, I'm there in no time.

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Christmas #2, New Year #2 and New Years resolutions

Merry Christmas, Orthodox and Greek Catholic people! Happy old New Year!

I was planning to make a few separate posts on all of those topics, but then realized that I will not manage to do it for many reasons. So let's mix it a bit!

It took me a long time to understand what are my New Year's Resolutions, or should I rather say - New Year's Goals. But now I really want to put them in writing to have something to measure this year by later. Some of this goals you might have seen in my birthday post, but that's the plan.

Photo by Tarmo Tõnismann 

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2016 in pictures

Hey, guys! Happy New Year! 

One of my favorite New Year morning traditions (besides eating leftover salads with a spoon while watching old movies) is to look back at the past year. Yes, I usually don’t do it before midnight (maybe I just want to make sure that the old year actually retired and will not get offended?). 

My last year’s post you can find here – 2015 in pictures

So, here we go. Many things had happened in 2016, good and bad, it was quite kind to me personally. I got to travel much more than I ever did, I got great opportunities, I worked hard and I’m quite happy with myself. I also got very aware of some of my limitations and started my own personal self-education – mostly on the topics of self-love, self-respect, not putting myself down and not letting anyone else do it.


I’ve met many wonderful people and sadly parted ways with some others. So let’s look into it month by month. 

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Merry Christmas #1!

Merry Christmas! Buon Natale! Щасливого Різдва! Счастливого Рождества!

* This post was supposed to go up yesterday, on a Christmas day, but I guess something went wrong and I didn't see it on time.

I absolutely love this time of year, doesn't matter which country I'm living in. And for the last three years I really enjoy having two Christmases - Catholic and Orthodox. I always loved our Ukrainian Christmas - with all the beautiful traditions, foods and carol singers. Now I have a chance to enjoy also the Italian one - with Christmas parties, panettone, all the decorations (and all the shops closed for infinity).


понеділок, 19 грудня 2016 р.

October in Milan

As you already know, in the middle of October I went to Milan for 4 days - for work (mostly meeting people for my research) and pleasure (seeing friends). But interestingly, those days, full of rain, cold, sun, blue skies, endless coffees and walks, meetings with my darling friends, broken umbrellas, aperitivos at Naviglie and panzerotti by Colonne di San Lorenzo, cozy mornings at the loveliest under-roof apartment and many other cool things, managed to surprise me in the best possible way. 

You might remember that I had to take quite a weird route to get there. Normally the trip from Palermo to Milan takes about 2 hours (even less, I guess) and doesn't cost that much (at the first glance, because later Ryanair makes you pay for it with your nerve cells by constantly trying to sell you sandwiches, lottery tickets, perfumes and handmade bracelets). But this time the tickets were kind of pricey and I had no choice but to buy a ticket to Paris (well, not Paris - Beauvais), wait there for 8,5 hours and then head to Milan.


You might tell me that it's ridiculous - to travel from an Italian city to another Italian city by going to France and coming back, and I will agree with you. But who wants to pay 70 euro more? It's the price of 24 aperitivo's in Palermo (or 10 sandwiches in Copenhagen).

So on a lovely October morning me and my #horriblypinksuitcase (check my Instagram to have an idea, but I must warn you - it is horribly pink) went on an adventure. 

неділя, 11 грудня 2016 р.

Saying goodbyes in November

Hey, guys!

I'm really sorry for my absence, but between having no internet, then cracking my laptop screen (in a very mysterious way), constantly freezing in my room and also trying to do my main job - the research - I was feeling a bit lost, disorganized and unmotivated to do anything else. 

Thankfully it didn't last that long, so now I'm back full of ideas, inspiration and more organized schedule, that hopefully will allow me to write more and better, So in the nearest future I'm planning to share some stories from my October trip to Milan, more posts about my life in Palermo and even some videos.

I'm also planning one more exciting thing for this month - I'm currently creating another blog, that will be focused on my work as a youth worker, human rights trainer, PhD researcher and an active citizen. It's still in the process of making, but I promise you - when it will go live, you will be the first ones to know.


These photos actually have a special meaning, They were taken on the rooftop of Hotel Ambasciatory in Palermo city center (actually it's in the same building that was my first home in Palermo 2,5 years ago), We went there for a cup of coffee (and a beautiful view of the city) on a lovely Saturday afternoon in November. 

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Happy bithday to me

Last week, on October 26 I turned 32 years old.

Those who've been reading my blog since it's start 6 years ago know that I have a difficult relationship with my birthday. On the same day 6 years ago I've lost my father (with whom I also had very difficult relationship).

To think of it - there were quite a few bad things that happened to around my birthday over the years. Really bad ones in fact, like losing my job, for example. Until one day when it got really bad.

Ever since then I'm always very confused around my birthday. Should I celebrate? Should I mourn? Should I "Secret" the hell out of this day and believe that everything will go well? Prepare for the worst?

This year I decided just to let it go. I didn't want to have any huge celebration, but then in the end I had three very nice ones, with lots of good food and good people. I wasn't planning on getting any presents, but I got quite a lot of very nice ones. I wasn't expecting to have a special day, and in the end I had a very special week. 

After such a great start I'm very motivated to have even more special 32nd year of my life. 

So when I'm 32, I want to:
- proceed to the second year of my PhD with a bit of grace
- finish NaNoWriMo with something to show for it
- work more on Saathi and bring it to the place it deserves
- renew my permit of stay as fast and easy as possible
- see at least 3 more countries
- one of them being Tunisia, as I'm planning my trip there for two years now
- go back home for 2 weeks
- have a great NY celebration
- make a big progress on my research
- write more articles because it makes me ridiculously happy
- learn to play ukulele!  - this is the important one!


неділя, 9 жовтня 2016 р.

#45daysofblogging 45: how was it?

So yes, I did it! Even though I'm really trying not to feel like it was a bit of a fail - my apartment has not Internet since September 1st, so my idea of posting every day just couldn't be realized - I had to post 5-7 posts once a week from the library. But in any case I managed! 45daysofblogging - done!


I want to dedicate this post to select few things that I liked about this experience and few things, that I didn't. Because there were many, many thoughts that I have had during this time.

#45daysofblogging 44: spontaneous decisions

Day 44 - September 30

Few weeks ago the weirdest combination of study and life related stress, insomnia, not being able to wait till October 17 on my own and desire to both create connections for my research and to see friends lead me to a very spontaneous decision. I've checked all possible plane ticket aggregator, spoke to everyone I know in Milan, wrote to many professionals in my field and ended up buying the ticket to Bergamo and back.

* trivia - by this point when it comes to finding cheap lowcost tickets I'm almost a professional. If I have a cup of of good tea and a few episodes of Friends, I'm able to find quite nice deals. But! Sometimes you need to really choose between money and time. 

This time I chose to pay less and spend more time travelling. So on October 13 I'm going from Palermo to Paris (Beauvais), where I will wait for 8 hours, and then from Beauvais to Milan. Which sounds like quite an adventure!

I will only stay in Milan for 4 days, but I really hope I will manage to do everything I want for work and also to enjoy meeting some friends. I have a few previous posts on Milan, so I believe I already mentioned - I've been to Milan three times and never managed to stay there for even 24 hours. So this time I will definitely break this curse!

Also - I cannot believe I've managed to finish all 45 days of blogging! Yes, technically the last day is tomorrow, but it will just be the reflection on this experience. So yay, I did it!

See you!

#45daysofblogging 43: Searching for equilibrium

Day 43 - September 29

So here's Ana's story. Created during two days in July 2016 in Slovenia, in the framework of the TC Facing the Street.